A new type of erectile dysfunction treatment

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A new type of erectile dysfunction treatment

Nowadays the most effective way of erectile dysfunction treatment is a surgical penis replacement. A surgical intervention gives 100% result as well as medications from the group of inhibitors of phosphodiesterase type 5. However, penis replacement is a way of erectile dysfunction treatment with a long result. Using tablets for the treatment of erectile dysfunction you can achieve a good but not long result and you need constantly spend money on buying of medications.

A surgical replacement is made only once and this process is irreversible because when surgery has been made you will be not able to return a natural erection. After surgical surgery special prostheses will be inserted into your penis with the help of which you will be able to gain erection but we will talk about it later.

A surgical penis replacement is often used for the treatment of impotence and not erectile dysfunction. It is almost impossible to achieve erection naturally during impotence. Even medical products not always can restore erection during impotence though if a disease is not neglected, medications show their 100% action. That is why surgical replacement is not often used for restoration of erection. However, if penis replacement is the only method to restore healthy erection of man, it is necessary to use it.

Penis replacement is a process when there is a replacement of cavernous bodies by artificial prostheses in male penis which increase erection. Cavernous bodies of a man are removed and therefore this process is considered irreversible and a man will have a constant and steady erection though artificial for the rest of his life. Patients with this common problem very often don’t know about this type of treatment, they believe that drugs like Viagra or Cialis are the only available ED treatments.

There are 3 types of prostheses: semi rigid prostheses, plastic prostheses and inflatable prostheses.

Semi rigid prostheses are the easiest type of implants which bring your penis in the condition of the constant erection, i.e. after introduction of this prosthesis your penis will be always erected and it causes discomfort but many men get used to it.

Plastic prostheses are a universal model of prosthetics when multilayer silicone cylinders are inserted into the penis and they keep the necessary erection. To increase erection a man should lift penis up by the hand and after sexual intercourse he should pull penis down. Inflatable prostheses are the most modern type of prosthetics. It is a whole construction which consists of inflatable cylinders (cavernous bodies), reservoir (behind pubis), and special pump (in scrotum). All these parts are inserted in certain areas of penis of man. To gain erection it is necessary to clench a pump in the scrotum several times and then a man fills cylinder with sterile water. To remove erection it is necessary to clench on the same pump.

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