Kamagra side effects

There are a lot if generic versions of Viagra, but Kamagra is the most reliable one. The medication is manufactured in India. This country has highly developed pharmaceutical industry. Affordability of price is one of the main advantages of Kamagra. Its democratic price made the medication popular! What is dangerous about this medication – is the amount of counterfeit product. The reason for it is the easiness of imitation. It is not so easy to imitate Viagra, which have diamond shape and blue color. But it is easy to imitate Kamagra. This generic is frequently falsified, and one should buy the medication from the trustworthy company only.

Upon the whole patients do not suffer from side effects of Kamagra. Even when they occur, they disappear rather quickly.

Kamagra also contains Sildenafil Citrate (as Viagra). It must be said that the fame of Sildenafil Citrate caused many lawsuits. The company Pfizer, which was the first to use Sildenafil, had to protect it. The biggest lawsuit reached $110 million dollars. A car dealer asserted that he fell asleep at the wheel and that was an effect of Sildenafil Citrate. It is not known if this drug was to blame but it is natural that some people can react badly after use of chemical drug.

Kamagra causes the same problems as Viagra. The person can feel dizzy, have headache and vision troubles. Blurred vision and drowsiness can occur. Patients with heart-related problems should be treated with caution. Cardiovascular diseases are connected with increased risk. The same is referred to the problems with liver and kidneys. If you suffer from some disease when liver or kidney are involved then you are more prone to the risk of this type. Among the less common conditions are ringing in the ears, decrease in hearing and etc. You can study the leaflet to see the full list of conditions that can appear if you take Kamagra.© www.kamagrameds.com