Levitra Can be Obtained Online From the Levitra Website or Other Sources

Online Prescription

While Levitra, just as other medications in its class, requires a prescription, that does not mean a man wanting to try the drug actually has to see a doctor. The medication can be obtained by way of the internet. The ethics and legality of such prescriptions are hotly debated and may be one source of the medications being overused or being used by those who normally would not require drug treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED).

However, having a prescription filled online is not necessarily a shady endeavor. A valid prescription provided after an in-person visit to a physician also can be filled on the internet, including at the official Levitra web site. Based on availability and the possible lack of prescription medicine insurance, online ordering may offer the best source for the drug.

Levitra Match

Having a Levitra prescription filled online could be the most economical choice, especially if ordering from Levitra’s web site. The drug’s maker offers a promotion it calls the “Levitra Match,” where the company will give away up to eight doses for eight doses purchased with a valid prescription. The company even uses a match flame as a symbol for the product. The offer applies only to cash transactions and is limited to one prescription. The idea is to offer a better value for the product and get the ED sufferer to choose Levitra over the competition. The drug company does this by referring the customer to a participating pharmacy who fills the order. Some of the participating pharmacies will mail the order; others require the patient to pick it up at one of their brick-and-mortar locations.

Canadian Pharmacies

Other choices are ordering online from domestic or foreign internet drug distributors. While efforts have been afoot to crack down on sites in the United States that offer prescriptions, increasingly popular are pharmacies in Canada or even Mexico. Buying drugs from Canada has been advocated by many as an alternative to high domestic drug prices. In one recent internet advertisement, a Mexican pharmacy offered prices for the drug ranging from $28 for four 20 milligram (mg) doses to $999 for a supply of 500 20 mg tablets (or enough for nearly two years, based on the drug’s recommended usage limits).

Most of these internet pharmacies operate by having a licensed physician on call who reviews orders for the medication and issues a prescription based on information provided by the “patient.” Despite claims of low prices, expect to pay a lot using this method of purchase, especially when not covered by insurance.